2 N T   F O R   F E A T U R E
Partner, do you have a feature?

2NT - Asking For a Feature
You open a weak two bid and your partner bids 2NT.  For many players that is a Feature Asking bid.  Your partner wants to know if you have an ace or a king outside of your 6-card suit.

The general agreement is this:
  • Bidding a new suit is a cue bid showing an ace or a king
  • Bidding 3NT shows all three top honors in the preempt suit
  • A rebid of your suit denies a feature
Many partnerships agree that they will not show a feature if they have a minimum hand.

Probably the most important reason for this convention is for responder to find out if there is an entry to his partner's hand when he would like to play 3NT and wants to be assured there is a way of reaching dummy after the preemptive suit is established.

An Improvement With a Passed Partner
But... It's unlikely your partner wants to play 3NT if he is already a passed hand.  Most likely his reason for making a forcing 2NT call is that he has a terrific fit with you and there may be a low point-count game available in your suit.
    You can improve your bridge if you also include a void or singleton as a feature if responder has passed.
4th Seat Two Bid
It's not weak.  There's nobody left to preempt, so a 4th seat two bid generally shows a 6-card suit with at least 12 points.  Many partnerships limit it to 12-14, but you can make any agreement you want.

If you would like a more detailed discussion of the Feature Asking bid, try:  

Roy Wilson